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Sunday School

Happy Kids Huddle

Children's Class

Children focus on basic Biblical stories, lessons, and games that build strong Christian character and teach them that God loves them, no matter what. Children take their work pages home so parents can reinforce the teachings throughout the week.

Teens & Library

Youth Class

Youth gather and study directly from the Bible, reading and discussing how the scriptures are relevant to their own lives today, and how to make choices throughout their lives that align with God's Word.

Lecture Room

Media Class

The Media Class examines biblical principles as they apply to contemporary issues through Christian films.  This class invites adults of all ages who are striving to know Jesus and to apply the scriptures in their everyday lives.  


Traditional Class

The Traditional Class welcomes adults of all ages.  We study the Bible using a traditional study workbook, and discussion is guided by a class leader in a casual setting. 

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